Out Takes
Bands that are related to the B-Movie family tree


The band Steve Hovington formed in 1986 with ex-Geshlekt Akt guitarist Seven Webster after B-Movie split. They released a single "Ancient Fires" on Spanish label Platforma before signing to Chrysalis. Two singles "I'll Wait" and "Son of the Sun" preceded the album "Upstream" which sank without trace! Finding themselves dropped they carried on for a short time releasing a further single "I Believe" on their own Wishing Well label before calling it a day.

Seven went on to form the Jackpot dance label - see Amethyst below.

Laughing Gas

Another Steve Hovington band, this time with Steve Hopwood on guitar. They gigged heavily around the London circuit during the mid-nineties and released a limited edition 7" single "Baroque Chick".

After they fizzled out, Steve Hopwood went on to play with Neneh Cherry on her "Man" album, co-writing a track or two!


Steve Hovington provided guest vocals/lyrics on the single "Electric Jesus" and on two further tracks "More" and "Movin' On" from 1998's "Golden Fish Fever" album. This Essex based electro duo of Lee Milleare & John Horrocks were signed to the Jackpot label run by Seven Webster. The tracks are a kind of techno-rock-dance crossover and are well worth searching out. Sadly John Horrocks took his own life in Spring 2001 but his memory lives on through his music.

Peter Murphy

After the demise of B-Movie, Paul Statham jumped straight into the role of keyboards player with former Bauhaus crooner Peter Murphy. Paul was a stable member of Murphy's band and co-songwriter on many tracks from the "Love Hysteria" album in 1987 until 1995's "Cascade".

Murphy was almost ignored in the UK but developed a huge fanbase in the USA & Japan.


Whilst recording the last Peter Murphy album, Paul struck up a friendship with the producer Pascal Gabriel (the man behind S'Express!!). The pair kept in touch and after Paul split with Murphy, they formed the pop band Neuronic and signed to Mute, releasing one single "Heaven".

After changing their name to Peach they released several singles ("On My Own", "From This Moment On" & "Sorrow Town") and an album "AudioPeach", touring with Erasure and having "On My Own" featured on the Sliding Doors movie soundtrack.


In 1999 Paul Statham was in demand as a songwriter/programmer and he wrote with both Shara Nelson and a then unknown called Dido. Paul & old sparring partner Pascal Gabriel co-wrote the tracks "Here With Me" and "I'm No Angel" with Dido - the former reaching No 4 in the UK chart in February 2001. Apparently her album has now sold 9 million copies worldwide! Perfect pop Paul has since gone on to work with Kylie amongst others!

SixSedRed / MCX

Rick Holliday left B-Movie in 1983 to concentrate on his new band with label cohort Cindy Ecstacy - co-vocalist on the Soft Cell hit "Torch".

They released a couple of singles - "Shake It Right" (well worth finding, if only for the Cabaret Voltaire produced b-side!) under the name SixSedRed, and "Buggin' Out" as MCX before Rick moved into music software retail!

Slaughterhouse 5

Following his unjust sacking, Graham Boffey headed back to Mansfield where he found himself in the Slaughterhouse 5. They signed to IRS and released the album "Wide Open" and two singles.

Soft As Ghosts

Another stop for Graham Boffey was Soft As Ghosts. Other members of note were Paul Etchells and John Stewart who would also respectively feature in the bands Ghost Dance and Chakk. They played a handful of local gigs before releasing a single, "Mystified", on the Mansfield label Rondolet. Around 1000 were pressed but due to lack of press and poor distribution the result was another lost nugget.


Hailing from Rotherham in South Yorkshire, Vision were the brainchild of keyboard player Andy Beaumont. In 1982 Paul Statham temporarily joined Vision as guitarist at the bequest of vocalist Russell Bonnell, who was a friend of his from Nottingham.

Paul appears on their debut single "Lucifer's Friend" which came out on the Sheffield based MVM label. It was a cult classic in clubs across Europe and soon established Vision as one to watch. However before long Paul headed back to the B-Movie ranks whilst Vision carried on with an ever-changing cast of musicians. They released numerous singles on the PRT imprint during the mid - eighties but disappeared forever at the end of that decade.

In fact they even managed to out do B-Movie by failing to release an album at all during their career! Despite plenty of research we can find little mention of Vision on the internet or elsewhere - a shame really as they did have their moments. Pop over to the Soundtracks Section to hear a previously unreleased Vision demo track called "Picture Portrait" from around 1981 that was found languishing on an old cassette!

You can download Vision tracks here www.pcjackson.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/secret.html.


Enormous was what was left when Slaughterhouse5 had run it's drug and booze riddled course. The schedule of gigs created a tension that led to two Slaughterhouse5 members leaving. From this new personnel joined, including a horn section of Ashley and Paul (aka the Enormous Horns). Enormousreloaded is a site that Graham Boffey, Davy Lawrence and the Enormous Horns are putting together to promote and sell a back catalogue of Enormous and Slaughterhouse5 material (about 100 songs) both previously released and unreleased material. Originally the tracks span a decade from the mid-nineties onwards and they're hoping to get going and record some new stuff and play a few gigs too. Initially there will be free music to download, which may be of interest to a few b-movieites. www.enormousreloaded.com